Sims, R (2008) Rethinking (e)Learning

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Sims, R (2008) Rethinking (e)Learning: a manifesto for connected generations, Distance Education, 29:2, 153 – 164.


In this article Sims contends that we should not stop using the e in eLearning. To stop using the e, he contends, would be to confirm the false assumption that all is settled in terms of pedagogy when it comes to technology and education (Sims, 2008, p.160). However, this is not the case. e-Learning cycles every 10 years, and within each cycle there is a specific focus but the pedagogical expectation remains consistent. Sims sees the eras divided into distinct phases:

1960s – Programmed instruction

1970s – computer-assisted instruction

1980s – personal computing, computer based-training, hypermedia

1990s – multimedia, CD-ROM applications, online learning & eLearning

2000s – eLearning as Infrastructure status, mobile & nomadic student/worker

(Sims, 2008, pp.155-156)


The technology in each revolution has failed to live up to the perceived value it has within education – until recently.


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